First Year Milestone Sessions

The first year of your baby's life seems to go by in the blink of an eye and in that time they change so much! It's important to document them as a rambunctious toddler with a full personality of their own.

Danielle Vivian Photography would be honored to help you capture and preserve these memories that will be cherished for years to come.

"We had the best experience with our milestone photoshoot! Danielle was so sweet and so patient not only with the kids but with ME! I’m a novice to getting professional pictures done and the experiences I have had in the past weren’t great. Danielle has definitely turned it around for me and her pictures speak for themselves. Everyone loved them! We now get to cherish these pictures forever. Thank you Danielle!"



Your baby goes through such a big transformation during their first year. Every month brings new firsts and milestones. You will be blown away by home much your baby changes from their fist session to their last. At the end of it you will be left with all these precious memories to cherish forever!



Year End Gifts

First year albums, mini books, framed milestone storyboard, and more!


What if my baby is early or late hitting their milestones?

A. Don't even worry about it! I have worked with babies and children for a long time, I am flexible and completely understand that each child is unique and will do things in their own time. I will work around their timeline.

Can we do siblings and family portraits during the session?

A. Absolutely, you are apart of these milestones too! I love seeing your family grow.

Are all milestone sessions done in studio?

A. No, we can definitely plan your session to be outdoors! We just want to be mindful of the weather with these beautiful babies.

Do you offer any military deals?

A. Being apart of the military community is a challenging lifestyle that I am all too familiar with. I do offer a bonus for each collection for military families.

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