Thank you for your inquiry. It would be my honor to capture this new chapter of your lives. I'm here to help every step of the way so don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions at all!

The Collections

There is something for everyone! Keep in mind my collections were made with you in mind and are fully customizable. Take a look at the different collection options below and let me know if you have any questions!

Ways To Save...

When choosing the Create Your Own Collection option you can benefit from these incentives!

-Duplicate albums for family and friends are 30% off

-When you purchase from step 1 a wall art 20x24 or larger, 2 or more wall art pieces, or a Platinum album you are automatically upgraded to the high-resolution option from step 2 for the cost of the low-resolution. Savings of $300+

-Receive a complimentary gift with the purchase of high-resolution digital portraits. Choose either a set of birth announcements or the mini memory box for the CYOC or a set of mini books for the mini collection.

-Receive credit towards your collection by posting a review, sharing a video testimonial, or pasting in a group about your session experience.

“Danielle is a WONDERFUL photographer and she made this whole process super easy! She was outstanding with my daughter!”

—Savannah Hammock

Signature Art Pieces

Whether you envision your art displayed proudly on the walls in your home or in a fully customized album that can be passed on to your children one day, I have it all. From the sets I create, to frames, canvases, and album design, your final artwork will look like they were created just for you, because they were!


I'm not sure what kind of artwork I want yet, do I have to decide right away?

A. Absolutely not! I don’t want anyone to decide on a collection until they’re at their preview and ordering session when they see their final artwork.

How do I see all my portraits after my session?

A. Be prepared to be WOWED! Approximately two weeks after your portrait you will come back in for your preview and ordering session. At this session you will not only be able to view your artwork as if you were in a movie theater but you will also be able to see your artwork on your very own walls. I will guide you through selecting artwork that will compliment your home and melt your heart for years to come!
*Please note all orders must be placed at this time. All decision making parties should be present.

If I'm doing both maternity and newborn sessions do I order artwork seperately?

A. Yes, these are 2 completely different sessions and will have 2 separate preview and ordering appointments. You can however add maternity images to an album at your newborn appointment.

Do you offer payment plans?

A. Definitely! I have a wonderful gift certificate program that will allow your friends and family to put credits towards your memories. I also offer a payment plan that will split your artwork into three monthly payments. I know finances can be tight during maternity leave and I want to help!

Do you offer any military deals?

A. Being apart of the military community is a challenging lifestyle that I am all too familiar with. I do offer a bonus for each collection for military families.